Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Yesterday was Sean's Birthday! We didn't do anything too fancy because the dreaded LSAT is coming up this weekend but we did celebrate with his favorite meal, cake and a few presents. After a quick rendition of Happy Birthday, sung solo by me, Sean was off to the library for the night. He is working so hard with school and work and studying for the LSAT. I am sure lucky to have such a hard working and loving man.
Happy Birthday My Love!

Monday, September 29, 2008


In August Sean and I went to ARUBA with his family. I had no idea where Aruba even was before we when so for those of you who are wondering, it is a tiny island in the Caribbean just off the coast of Venezuela. It is actaully a Dutch protectorate and still has a lot of Dutch influence in the achitecture and culture. The peole there learn Dutch in school but also speak English, Spanish, Portugies, their native language of Papiamento and some French. On this tiney island of just over 100, 000 people, the LDS Curch actually has 10 missionaries serving there (we ran into them at a grocery store). These pictures pretty much summarize our trip...
Reading and relaxing on the beach

We took a road trip to the South tip of the island where there was a great snorkeling beach. The water in Aruba is so warm!

Man, these guys are so strong!

One of the big events of the trip was a boys only deep sea fishing trip. They woke up super early and were out on the ocean for 4 hours. Unfortunately they didn't catch anything but at least they had some good manly bonding time.

One of the most famous land marks on the small island of Aruba is the lighthouse.

There is a great view of the island from up by the lighthouse and, if you're lucky, you may even spot a goat or two.

After enjoying the great view we then enjoyed some great shaved ice on a nearby beach.

The sunsets were all beautiful so one night that we decided that we had to take picture.

Only one side of the island is developed. The other side is only accessible by four wheel drive vehicles so one day we went on a jeep tour to explore.

Our last night in Aruba we went to a fancy restaurant where I decided to get adventurous and ordered conch. It was actually really good. The locals say that it is the escargot of the Caribbean.

The meal was so good that Sean's mom and brothers decided to do a dance outside of the restaurant.

We had so much fun in Aruba. Like the license plates say, Aruba really is