Sunday, August 2, 2009


Les went in for surgery early this morning. He had the doctor call us and tell us to stay home and come to the hospital when he was in recovery. This was probably not the best arraingement for my mom. She was very anxious all morning and we both wished we were sitting in the hospital waiting room rather then not knowing what to do to keep our selves busy at home. Finally we got the call that Les was out of surgery. Everything went as well as it could have gone. They have taken samples of surrounding blood vessels and lymph to send in for testing. The results of these tests will determine if he has to have chemo. We are all very optomistic. His first day of recovery went well and we even just heard that he was sitting up in a chair all by himself tonight! We have been recieving and making phone calls non stop to update concerned family and friends. Thank you everyone for your prayers and fasts today. Our family can definately feel the effects.