Friday, July 23, 2010

It's official, the move is on...

Well, that's right boys and girls, it is official. We are moving! Where you might ask. To Berkeley! Who knew I would ever be a California girl? I am still holding strong to the fact that I will always be a rugged Canadian but I guess this rugged Canadian will now be living for the next few years in sunny California. The idea is growing on me. My last day of work was on Wednesday and now I am slowly trying to get our house all packed up. Sean is staying very busy in the library and in his study as he is working on writing on to the journal at Berkeley. It is a pretty daunting task for him right now but I know he will do great. While he gets to stay locked up working hard in the library, Sean's mom and I are going to to Berkeley on Monday to look for our next home. I also have an interview next week for an Athletic Training position in Oakland. I am very excited. It looks like things are falling into place. California here we come!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

What will next month bring

Well we still have no idea what we will be doing or where we will be going next month but I thought I would update everyone on where we stand. The most recent update is that Sean got a phone call from the Dean of Berkeley letting him know that he has been accepted! Although we were so excited about Georgetown, Berkeley has some benefits. First of all, it is ranked higher then Georgetown. Secondly, if we want to end up on the West coast then Berkeley would definitely set us up to do that where as Georgetown would establish us more to be on the East coast. The good thing about being on the West coast is that we are still driving distance to Sean's family and, although it would be a long one, driving to see my family would still be doable. Sorry Chelsea, it looks like we are passing up Georgetown. We are still waiting to hear back from New York University, Columbia, Harvard and Chicago though.
On my end of things, I have been applying for athletic training positions all over. I was lucky enough to be able to do some interviews while I was in Philadelphia for the Athletic Training Convention and I have received a call back for one in New York. Sean calls it my dream job on steroids. It is working part time in a clinic and full time at a high school. The pay and benefits are super good. They would like me to fly out at the end of the month for an on site interview. Only one problem... Sean hasn't even technically been accepted to any schools in New York. Plus New York? Do we really want to live in New York? I know it sounds exciting and all but it kind of scares me at the same time. I feel like we are trying to make a decision when technically we don't really know what the options are yet. It's so frustrating!
We have turned in our notice for our apartment and I have officially given my two weeks notice at work. Sean just brought home a ton of boxes tonight so we can start packing. It looks like we only have one thing left to figure out. WHERE ARE WE GOING?!?!