Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Poop Disaster!

I know every mom has similar stories but as I'm sitting here at 4:00 in the morning I can't help think to myself that I have to add mine to the shared list.
3:00 am: It all starts like any other night. Baby is starting to fuss on the baby monitor so I drag myself out of bed. As I enter the nursery I vividly remember that last night I only got an hour and a half of sleep and I wonder how tonight will play out.
Parker is red with frustration as I look in on him and I hear that musical sound that inevitably means that I have a diaper to change before feeding. I lay him on the changing table and he begins to get more and more flustered as he realizes that he is going to have to wait longer for the meal he is expecting. I get his diaper off and he lets out one of his pterodactyl like screams. ok, I think, I'll make this really fast. As I grab the clean diaper I hear another musical sound come from my beautiful baby boy's behind. Dry, thankfully. The next three, however, I was not so lucky.
I never knew poop could fly so far! The first is just on the changing table and runs onto his jammies, but as I'm cleaning his bum bum from that, the next two shoot all the way to the wall and in the changing table drawer and on the floor.
Finally, between the ongoing screams of hunger I manage to get a diaper on the little pooper. I bring him to my chest to try to calm down the situation. After a little snack I try to get him into new jammies. Half way on, I give up and just decide to feed him. As I try to rock him and sooth him to go back to sleep all I can think about is the poo that is oh so smelly, right beside me and dripping even more onto the floor. Every second I know it will be harder and harder to clean up. I then decide to try the super mom thing and continue to feed while I clean up. No such luck but at least I stopped the dripping on the floor and got some stain remover on the carpet.
Well, eventually I think I have things under control and Parker has finally settled enough for me to button up his clean jammies and start to swaddle him when all of the sudden, the precious milk I had just fed him comes right back up! Now, onto of the poop I have puke all over the clean jammies and blanket and baby's face and hair! Oh, and my screaming baby pterodactyl has returned.
Have no fear, like all mom's, I was able to survive this crisis. Parker is finally asleep in my arms.He has had a bath and I some how got him into clean jammies. The laundry is in the hamper, I still have to scrub the floor and the changing table drawer but with any luck I may get another half an hour of sleep too! :)
Oh, the joys of being a mom. I have to admit, I used to hear these stories and think there is no way I want to be doing that! Well, here I am and with my little snuggle bug feeling better and asleep in my arms it makes it all worth it!