Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

This year we made a last minute decision to drive to Oregon for Thanksgiving. We were originally going to stay in Utah but with gas at $1.66 we just couldn't resist!
Before we get to Thanksgiving we would like to thank Chris Paolini for the book Brisinger which we listened to all the way on our 14 hour drive to Eugene and home again. Listening to these books has become a road trip tradition that has gotten us through many long drives. Thanks Chris.

This trip gave Sean the perfect opportunity to play around with our new camera. Here are some random pictures we ended up with:
Plugs and Sarge

Me studying up for London and an orange

Thanksgiving was filled with love, laughter, football and lots of food. Sean's Mom and I cooked all day while the boys went out and proved their manliness at the annual ward Turkey Bowel and then came home and watched more football.

The artsy table shot

Turkey is ready!

Sean's mom gave great turkey carving lessons. I hope Sean took notes.

Mmmm... Turkey!

Setting the table.

The Big Bread Story: We had a bag of 72 frozen white rolls but somehow the freezer was left open and we were left with a big mound of dough. We were able to pick off enough to make about 24 rolls but we were still leflt with all this dough so we figured why not bake it the way it is; and so was born the big bread. It ended up being a great hit and it made delicious french toast the following morning.
Thanksgiving was great! There is nothing better then being sorrounded by people you love and eating some good food.

The Drive Home

Classic Oregon Winter weather.

We just happened to stop at a rest stop with a great view during sunset.
Moments like this sure make the drive worth it. And for all those other moments there's always Brisinger...


Laura Horne said...

Ooh...did they deep fry the turkey? I am very jealous. It really makes me Eugene and the Salisburys.

Sean and Amy said...

No, dad decided not to do that this year. Last year when deep frying, the hose to the propane tank caught on fire and started slowly moving towards the tank. Luckily my dad shut the tank off quickly instead of running away. So... this year he was too scared to deep fry it. We barbecued it! Mmm... it wasn't as juicy, but it was still good!!!

Ashley said...

Sounds like you had a fun Thanks giving. Glad you had a safe drive

dolphinluvr24 said...

well, my first comment would be; GO CHRIS PAOLINI!!! his books are awesome! so you have them on tape? no way!! is there anyway i could borrow them? oh, wait. i don't have a cassette player. never mind. :(
on another note, that turkey looks delicious.
i thought you could only deep fry french fries, poutine and twinkles. (i saw a stand for deep fried Twinkies in Santa Cruz)
but turkey is news to me.
luv ya sis! l8r Sean! (hi Bella!)