Thursday, April 30, 2009

Spain, part 1...

Ahhh Spain... We love Spain! We have had such a great time so far that we have decided to cut out some of our time in France and add it to Spain. We love it! I don't really know where to start so I will start at the beginning and see how far I get...
This is me at the drinking from the fountain in Barcelona. Ledgend has it that if you drink from it you will return one day. May as well give it a try!

We found a great market in Barcelona. Spain is famous for their cured ham which is hanging up behind me. There are whole pig legs hanging up all over the place and they will just slice off a hunk and serve it to you. At first I was a little freaked out by the whole eating raw pig thing but it is actually really good so we may as well enjoy it!

Tongue, testicles and intestines. Mmmm. No, we did not try these.
This is one of the bird markets on the street in Barcelona.

We thought it was weird how many fish there were around the harbor.

We then discovered that instead of feeding the birds in Barcelona, the locals come to the harbor and feed the fish!

Sitting in the shade of orange trees in Spain. Can life get any better? I don't even like oranges and the trees smelled delicious!
One thing Barcelona is famous for is the architecture of Gaudi. Sean describes his buildings like Alice in Wonderland buildings. They're pretty cool.

This is on the roof of the last building.

Sagrada Familia - this is the Gaudi's Cathedral that he designed. It has been under construction for 200 years and they are still estimating it will take another 50 to complete. It was amazing.

Ok... Enough Gaudi.

This is me being a lobster. Little did I know that after a few days in the beautiful Spanish sun that I really would become one.
That was a very brief run through on our two days in Barcelona. We LOVED Barcelona! It should be on everyone's list of places to visit in your life.
The next group of pictures are in Granada. We took a night train there. You may notice that we are wearing the same clothes as we were in Barcelona the day before. This is a result of the night train.

As much as we loved Barcelona, we have both agreed that Granada has been our favorite place so far in Spain. Not only does it have palm trees and orange trees all over but it is also has a view of snow caped mountains all year round. On top of that they have the Alhambra which is an amazing Moorish palace. The city itself is beautiful and has great history!

More on Granada and the Alhambra to come but for now it is time for bed.


The Spicers said...

Wow! We love seeing all the photos of the places you have been!

Julianne said...

Wow! Those are some incredible places you have been to. You and Sean must be having the time of your lives. You look really good Amy.

Chelsea said...

Ok I could have done without the meat picture! Nasty! It looks lovely there, and so do you! I'm glad your adventures have gone so well. Tell the truth though, do you miss being home, even just a little bit?

Sean and Amy said...

Haha, Chelsea you have no idea! I love the States so much and as much fun as we are having, I cannot wait to come home! One thing this trip has given me is a whole new appreciation for America (that includes Canada and the US :) )