Sunday, January 24, 2010

Rose Bowl

Ok, I figure since it has now been well over month since my last post it is probably time for another one. So here is one of those classic catch up posts. First of all, for Christmas break we went to Canada this year. I feel like I have been up there quite a bit on my own in 2009 but it was nice to have Sean there with me for a full week. It was super fun to visit family, even if I still was still recovering from the Swine flu and exhausted all the time.
When we got back to Eugene after Canada our vacation wasn't over yet. We left the same night we arrived to drive down for the Rose Bowl in Pasadena California. It was a super long drive but the time always goes a little faster now that so many cars have TVs in them. We watched the whole first season of Heroes on the drive there and home. Here is Sean and I enjoying the view of California from a look out point we stopped at for to stretch our legs.
This stop also served as a potty break for the boys which we also ended up with pictures of but I figured I would spare my brother-in-laws the humiliation of posting pictures of them frolicking in the parking lot in their boxers.
The day of the big game finally arrived. The first adventure of the day started with parking. With the top carrier still on the vehicle underground parking was a little tricky. The only thing that saved us was how much six of us being in the vehicle weighed it down. Once we got into our tiny parking spot and we all got out the car popped right up and hit the ceiling beam. At least we knew no one was going to steal our car without six people there to weigh it down.
This is me getting pumped for the game by putting on my scary Maori face. Very scary...
We took a train to Pasadena to avoid the crazy traffic close to the stadium. This is us waiting for the train.
Here we are on the train! Hard core brothers. We made it! Here are all the cars that payed big bucks so they could have tail gate parties with the Rose Bowl Stadium in the back ground. This is me, shocked at the prices of the food outside the stadium. They first made us stand in line to pay for tickets and then pay for the food with the tickets. When we got to our seats we were shocked to find that we had tickets for the second row! Here we are with our hopes still high. Go Ducks! Unfortunately the University of Oregon just couldn't pull it off. This was an unhappy moment when the confetti started to fly and it was not for the team we came there to cheer for.
Going to the Rose Bowl was still a pretty fun family trip and we did get to go to Six Flags Magic Mountain the next day before we went home to Oregon. Plus, when it really comes down to it, we are still true blue through and through BYU Cougar fans. We were very excited that they came out on top even if our new school couldn't pull it off. GO COUGARS! :)

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