Sunday, May 9, 2010

What happens when Sean takes study breaks

I know it is shocking, but yes, Sean does take study breaks. True, they are rare and only for about two minutes or just to eat or use the restroom but here is what happens during that time.

It was a quite night with Bella and I relaxing on the couch enjoying a nice evening together. I was indulging is some wonderful ice cream and reading my book when all of the sudden it happened. Bella was hit by the sticky tab assassin! To the sticky tab assassin's surprise (aka Sean), our poor puppy did not react as perhaps a cat might of, jumping around swatting and biting at the foreign objects stuck to her fur. Instead little Bella went and hid in her cage and would not come out until I took all the sticky tabs off.

Awww. Poor Bella. I think she is just as excited as me for Sean's finals to be over. Only 5 more days until I get my husband back for the summer!

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Chelsea said...

Poor Bella, lol, that's pretty funny!