Thursday, September 2, 2010


Ok, I know I have a lot to update every one so here it goes....
We are now official residents of Point Richmond California.I have quickly learned not to say Richmond because apparently Richmond is known as a pretty shady (dangerous) place. I still haven't actually driven Sean around Richmond but I have told him that if he ever takes the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit), he cannot take it from the Richmond station. Have no fear though, Point Richmond is a whole other world on the other side of the freeway and rail road tracks and right on the bay. We are loving life in California. There is so much sun and there is always something to do and see here. It is amazing!

Our Home: Bold
We love our home! Our front door is right in the middle of the above picture. Our little piece of home goes from the chimney on the right to the chimney on the left and yes, we do have a wood burning fire place that goes with that chimney. In case you have not seen pictures on Sean's facebook here is just a little peak at the views.

Our front yard with a white picket fence and a purple tree/bush and everything!

Living room

Master bedroom

Sean's study

View right out Sean's window. I don't know how he is going to get any studying done :)

We have marina views from every window! We walk right out our front door and we are on a path that goes around the bay. I cannot even tell you how nice it is to come home and take Bella for a walk. It is like we live in a vacation home. There will be more pictures to follow when we are fully unpacked any settled.

Sean's School:
From what I hear, Sean is definitely loving Berkley Law School. He is enjoying the professors and the classes but most importantly the on campus interviews. Now is the time that he interviews for summer internships which basically end up turning into a full time job once he graduates. He has had about 15 interviews a week for the last two weeks. He has had a few call backs which we are very excited. More to come on that front when we know more.

My Work:
I cannot believe how blessed I have been with my job. It is so nice to be an athletic trainer again. I am working at Sports and Orthopedic Leaders Physical Therapy Clinic. I am learning a lot about the whole rehab side of injuries and I am loving it. Probably one of my favorite parts is just being able to interact with patients and hopefully have a direct hand in helping them get better.

It is so fun to see how things are working out for us here in California. It is like we were meant to be here or something. Now that I have done the big bulk of the catch up I'll try to keep up with the fun little stories more. It seems like I am always thinking about something to write about but I haven't felt like I could until I got this all behind me. Check that one off my list of things to do!


Chelsea said...

Yay! SO beautiful! I'm glad ya'll are enjoying your new home and all the things that come with it. Tell Sean to hurry up and start making the big bucks so you can come visit us!

Laura Horne said...

Wow! It looks so beautiful. How fun. Congrats on school and the new job.

Megan said...

That all sounds so great! Your house is super cute, and your view is gorgeous! Happy for you :)