Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Power for Powder

My new thing at work is to put on classes for 8-10 people. I just started up a 6 week ski and snowboard strength and conditioning class called Power for Powder. Check out my flier on Facebook. I know, it sounds pretty hard core right? I never pictured my self doing anything like this but hey, I'm jumping into it with both feet and hopefully I'll land upright. I was always such an advocate that as an Athletic Trainer I can't help you get fit but I can help you if you get injured. Well I guess technically I can take my education and try to do both. So the first day of my class was today. I was a little worried that I would not have a lot of people show up but the class is full and I even have a waiting list! We started with some dynamic stretching and then did some fast pace circuit training and then a little section of the class I like to call "last run endurance". Every one at work kept asking me if I was nervous which is weird because you would think I would be but I never really was. I kept it cool all during the class and hopefully I was motivating and positive and gave every one a good work out. The only thing is, now that I am home, I am totally freaking out about the class. Did every one like it? Will they show up for next weeks class? Did I explain things well enough or did I go through everything too fast? Oh man. And yes, now I am nervous that I have to do it all over next week. What is wrong with me?!

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Chelsea said...

Fun! As a teacher, if you don't see people hunched over, rolling their eyes, or screaming for help, they are probably ok! It will be too fast for some and too slow for others, but just look around as you are doing it, if most people are catching on, don't worry about it! I wish I could come to your class....although I would be one of those people screaming for help! haha