Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Parker and Bella

 Today I sat down to eat lunch and sat Parker on the couch beside me when Bella decided she wanted to join us. With the whole couch available for her to herself comfortable she decided that the best seat in the house was Parker's lap. Parker didn't mind at all and just kept looking at her very curiously. Once Bella was comfortable she decided to thank Parker for the use of his lap by licking the little section of his leg sticking out.

This event inspired this post. I'm so glad that Bella is good with Parker and has accepted him as part of the family. I hope she'll feel the same way when he learns to pull her hair...
Bella's a good babysitter. She doesn't take her eye off Parker.
Except to pose for the camera. :)
Bella trying to sooth a distort Parker while sharing her bad with him.
Snuggling with mom in the morning.
More of my little snugglers :)

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