Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Unemployment Blues

Well I have not been blogging too much lately but that it because not much is going on! I have been unemployed now for 2 months and I am not seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. I fill out between 3 and 5 applications every day. EVERY DAY! I have probably applied for hundreds of jobs, even minimum wage jobs. I even applied at Petsmart! I have not resorted to Walmart quite yet but the time may be soon at hand. I have had 3 interviews so far. Here is the recap:
1. Athletic Training job at a high school - would have been the perfect job but unfortunately I was going up against the graduate student who had been working there for 2 years. I had a great interview but of course the job went to the graduate student because "he knows the students" (this was their explanation to me).
2. Trail Ride instructor - would have been fun but very tiring work. Unfortunately the ranch was a 2 hour drive and a 4 hour commute every day did not sound so good.
3. Administrative assistant at mystery company "The Committee" - weirdest interview ever! I still don't really understand what this company does or if it is legal. Here are some examples of the questions:
"Who had been your worst boss and why?"
"Who has been the hardest boss to work for and why?"
"How do you feel about being called out in front of your co workers?"
"How do you feel about swearing?"
Statement: "If you work here, you will be called out and you will be sworn at."
Believe it or not, I was actually willing to work here. There were 93 applicants and I was in the first interview cut of 10 candidates and then in the second cut down to 3! No such luck. Actually, now that I look back at it I think it was a blessing that I did not get that job. Who wants to work in that sort of environment?!
So here is where I stand. Hopelessly unemployed. Yesterday I turned in 9 applications. 9! And I probably will not hear back from one of them. That is what this economy means to me. So begins another day of job searching. Wish me luck!
P.S. By the way, I am not completely this pessimistic. I do know that something will come up and it is just a matter of time. Have no fear, I will rise into the corporate world once again!


John and Bethany said...

Keep it up! It took me 2 months when we got back from Ghana to find a job and again 2 months when we moved to Boise. Even though Craigslist seems bombarded by weird jobs that is actually where I found my last job.

Chelsea said...

It doesn't help that you are OVER qualified for most of the jobs you are looking for, so they assume you won't be happy and go with the less qualified candidate that they know doesn't have any better options. Hey...just so you know, if you work for Walmart you get a 10% discount, lol!