Thursday, June 25, 2009

More fun with Bella

For the last week we have had a friend visiting with us from Mexico City. This has given us a great excuse to get out around Oregon with Bella. Here are some pictures of our adventures last Sunday.

Sean, Bella and our friend Alicia at a vine yard.

Our first family photo! Notice Bella's ears blowing in the wind? She is so photogenic.

Another family photo in front of a lake that I forget the name of...

We tried to get a good picture of Bella on a rock with the lake in the background. This is the only one with her looking at the camera we were able to get.

We kept trying to call her name to get her to look at the camera while she was on a three foot tall rock. Like any good dog, she heard her name and tried to come instead of just look at us. We didn't figure this one out until after the fact. This is her just before she jumped head first off the rock onto the concrete. She cried for about two minutes strait after her fall. We were so worried she was going to have a broken leg or brain damage or something horrible like that. It was about at this time that we decided that we are glad we are doing the puppy thing first so we don't make the same mistakes with a baby someday.

Bella is hiding her head because she is still hurt and scared from her leap off the rock.

Sleeping it off.


Chelsea said...

I realize this isn't supposed to be a funny post, but I was rolling on the floor laughing. Sean, give this girl a BABY already!!! Those pictures reminded me of the ones I posted of Kyler, lol, especially the one with Sean and Bella - it looks like the one with Rhet and Kyler!! What a cute little pup - and by the way the Mexican lady doesn't look Mexican so I was a bit disappointed. I was hoping she was a really dark skinned fat lady!

The Spicers said...

Hey fatty it looks like you lost some weight Sean, good for you. You know you wish you had my bike, and I wish I had a riding buddy. You guys should come visit. After all, it's not as far as Europe!

ryan&lindsay said...

oh my freak! she is SO cute! oh I want one! I can't wait to meet her!!!
oh and we finally got a blog!