Saturday, October 3, 2009

Happy Birthday to Sean!

Tuesday was Sean's Birthday! He is now officially 24 years old. Tuesday was probably the worst day for his birthday to fall on because Wednesdays are his busy days so he is usually up late Tuesdays preparing for classes. I still decided that we had to do a little something for his birthday so during my lunch break I ran home to put some barbacoa pork in the crock pot and invite Sean's parent's over for dinner. I think it is part of Murphy's law that whenever you are trying to do something fast something has to go wrong. As I was mixing the first two ingredients of the sauce I decided to take out the brown sugar at the same time and of course I knocked over the bowl full of tomato sauce and molasses. I quickly turned around to get a cloth to start cleaning up and by the time I turned back around Bella had entered the scene. The mess was now dripping off the counter onto the floor which Bella was loving. As she started licking up the tomatoey goodness the drip was now dripping right on her head! Not only did I now have a messy kitchen and a messy dog to clean up but I was also running behind for making a nice birthday dinner. Some how it all came together though. Bella might have still had some red sticky spots for a few days but at least we had a good birthday dinner. We had Sean's parent's over and a wonderful cake to top everything off. Before I get to the pictures I have to spend a few moments telling everyone about the wonderful cake. If you are ever in Eugene and in need of a cake Sweet Life is the place to go.( We got a turtle cake and it was AMAZING! I'm usually not a chocolate cake fan but this cake seriously melted in your mouth. It was like eating one giant truffle. I can't wait for Sean's next birthday so we can try another one of their gourmet cakes. Mmmmm.

I love taking the time out of our busy days to celebrate my favorite person in the world. Sean's Birthdays are probably one of my favorite days in the year because I then have an excuse to make a day extra special for him. I am so grateful for my wonderful husband and can't wait to celebrate more birthdays with him in the years to come.

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Megan said...

You're such a good wifey, Amy! That cake looks delicious, and I'm not even really a cake person. And, Happy birthday to Sean :)