Thursday, September 24, 2009

Family Classic

You know how there are those stories that will always come up at family reunions or when you're sitting around with friends trying to one up each other's stories? Well here is one of those family classic stories that I am sure will go down in Salisbury history. It all happened on a rainy day in Provo not too long ago. In fact, it was only about 2 months ago when we were finally picking up all of our stuff from our storage unit. It was a cold rainy day and I was anxious to roll up the door and get our move on the way. As I stood there looking at all our earthly possessions I suddenly realized that I was feeling something drop on my head and fall in front of my face. I looked down and realized that there, on the ground, were dozens of stunned wasps. Weather it was the cold or the shock of their home being rolled up into a storage door that had been closed for 8 months, either way, these little guys were so out of it that they were not flying for some reason. I was probably just as shocked as they were and jumped back to allow the Salisbury men to take care of the necessary stomping. As I looked on I began to feel a tiny movement in my hair. A little tickle if you will. I quickly put 2 and 2 together and came to the conclusion that I most likely had a wasp crawling through my hair at that very moment. I realized that freaking out would not help the situation so I tried to stay calm and asked Sean to look in my hair to see if there was a wasp. He jumped into action and confirmed that yes, that little tickle was indeed a wasp. He quickly used his key chain to try and flick the thing away. As the wasp started to realize what was going on it started to burrow deeper. After what seemed like a very long time of keeping calm the panic grabbed a hold of me and I started to scream. I realized that it would only be seconds until the little bugger got deep enough to chomp into me, or sting me, or whatever it is wasps do. As I was screaming this drove my dear husband into a panic and he yelled for someone to hand him the broom. The broom?! The next thing I know Sean is hitting me over the head with the broom! By this point the dreaded event had happened. I was stung (or bit). I stopped screaming and now just started to cry from both pain and humiliation as Sean continued to sweep through my hair with the broom. What I wouldn't give to have seen the whole thing go down as Sean's family was looking on in shock. The lesson we learned is that when there is a wasp emergency the broom is not the right way to go. Have no fear though. My head was a little sore for a few days but luckily I don't react too badly to sting. On top of that we now have a pretty good wasp story.


Ashley said...

Oh my goodness woman. I don't know why my blogroll didn't tell me when you wrote this. That is hilarious and sad/scray but mostly hilarious. Sorry to laugh at your pain, but that's why you put it up there right?!?!

Chelsea said...

I'm with Ashley, this story never popped up on my blog - but it's hilarious - in the not so funny kind of way! Glad you didn't have an allergic reaction! But with Sean helping, did you really think this situation would have ended any other way?

Julianne said...

LOL! To Funny! Amy that story is a GEM!