Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Baby Update

I have not been shy on hiding the fact I have not been feeling too hot these last couple months. I officially reached my 12 week mark last Saturday so I thought that would be the start to everything feeling better. Maybe not... Starting on Friday, I took a turn for the worse. I had 4 straight days of nausea, feeling like I was in a cloud, body aches, and feeling like I was not sure if I was going to puke or if it was going to come out the other end. If I didn't know any better, I would have said I had the flu. It hit an all time low on Monday when I suddenly started having episodes of loosing my hearing followed by extreme dizziness. That finally pushed me over into calling the Dr. They had me come in that day to make sure everything was ok. Long story short, it is. I am on a few different medications which really seem to be helping, which is nice.
The fun part about this story is that we got a peak at our little peanut. They tried to find the heart beat first, which they couldn't. That made us a little nervous. But then they pulled out the ultrasound so we actually got to see him/her! We could not believe how active this little thing is! It is 2 1/2 inches big but was kicking and swinging it's arms like it was no one's business. I guess being so sick is ok if it means Jr is growing healthy and strong in there. Sean was shocked that I could not feel it kicking or moving. I told him that that is probably what is making me so nauseous all the time and to think that that is what we'll be chasing around in a few months :) They gave us another picture which is not so good because the baby was moving so much but its still fun.

Yeah for healthy baby!


Chelsea said...

sorry you are feeling so bad! No fun, but at least you got another sneak peek! I sure hope I'm writing a baby update post soon too!!

Julianne said...

Amy you wimp :) Feeling like crap all the time is just the beginning! Chin up and don't forget you are one of the toughest people I know! You are so classic. When it's the little wimpy pain you complain, but when it's the big pain you say nothing. I bet when you give birth all you will say is "ouch" :)

I am so excited for this little miracle! Don't forget to eat your veggies, the baby and your bowls need them ;)...too much?