Saturday, May 7, 2011

Bull Fight

I'm taking over with another post. I know that my last post was horrible, but I need to blow of some steam by doing something creative. I've been spending 80+ hours a week for the last month studying for finals, and I'm almost at the burn-out point!

Amy came up earlier today and showed me the journal that I kept during our time backpacking through Europe two years ago. I found a great entry on our visit to Sevilla, Spain, where we saw a bull fight.

April 26, 2009:

"The first few moments when the bull enters the stadium can best describe the emotional experiences involved with a bull fight. It's over powering to see a massive animal such as the bull run into the stadium. With its silky black coat, at least it looks silky to someone seated at the top of the stadium, and the sun reflecting the lines and contours of every muscle on the beast's body.

"After the bull enters the stadium, and it notices the crowd, which is silently watching, it looks around confused. It tries to figure out what is going on. The two thick horns, following the bull's gaze, scan the stadium looking for any movement. These horns are raised six feet in the air by the bull's massive stature.

"He is much taller and more powerful than the first matador, who steps out of a gate on the other side the ring, waving a colored cape, pink, and calling the for the bull's attention.

"Sadly, the bull has no idea that slowly, an army of toreros, including banderillos, picadores and matadores, will bleed it to death. And ultimately, when the matador pierces his heart with the thrust of a sword, will the bull lay down to rest."

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