Friday, June 19, 2009


One thing Bella has not quite figured out yet is stairs, especially going down. If there is only one step she can usually manage to flop herself down somehow but if we are at the top of the stairs this is usually what happens.

When we go upstairs I carry her up and then she will follow me around and I don't worry about it. I brought her upstairs this morning but when I got into the bathroom I realized that she was not right behind me. All of the sudden I heard this thud, thud, thud. I looked over the railing and there was Bella, spread eagle on her tummy sliding down the stairs. I tried to catch up with her but she slid all the day down, did a somersault, gave a little whimper and the started to jump around and wag her tail as she watched me run down the stairs. I was laughing so hard by the time I got to the bottom. I can not believe no one was around to see what had just happened! It was so funny! When Sean woke up I told him what had happened and he tried to make her reenact it but no such luck.


Chelsea said...

Her head is the same size as the rest of her body! What a cutie! I'm sure Kyler would go flying down the stairs if I left him alone - good thing we dont have stairs!

Megan said...

Okay, know I am not an animal person, but darn it!! Your little Bella is soo cute!!
You're living in Eugene now? Let me know if you're ever up in the Seattle area...too bad you're not in Portland. That's much closer :)