Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sean's Graduation

Ok. It is official. I am a blog slacker. Here is my attempt to update what has been going on in our lives. Starting with Sean's Graduation! The day after I got home from Canada and 10 minutes after I got out of a job interview, we were on the road to Utah. After plenty of speeding and only one ticket the whole Salisbury family made it back to the familiar town of Provo Utah. I have to admit, it did bring back some strange feelings knowing that we will probably never live in Utah again. I forget every now and then how beautiful it is! Sean and I were so blessed to be able to attend and graduate from BYU (after today's football game I am feeling especially proud of my good old alma mater). Go Cougs!

Sean zippering up the gown.

I love this picture! Mom and dad helping out.

Elder Ballard was the speaker at the graduation. His message was to stop being defensive about our religion. It was maybe a little bit of a strange topic for the graduation ceremony but a good talk none the less.

There's Sean! Do you see him?!

The supportive family.

I see him!

Sean just after he did his walk across the stage and got his diploma.

The supportive wife.


Graduating Cougar soon to be Duck.

Graduation would not be complete without a jumping picture. Yeah!

Sean's home away from home while attending BYU.

Good Job Sean!
I am so proud of Sean for his accomplishments at school. He is an amazing student. I do not know of any one who has the determination and dedication that he does. Sean spent many long hours in the library and I often had to bring him dinner so that he could keep studying. All that time defiantly paid off. Sean was getting strait A's by his junior year. He has basically mastered the art of flash cards and has an unbelievably good memory. He has now started law school and is showing the same drive to succeed. I know he will do great! I am so lucky to have such a smart and dedicated husband! On top of all these good things he's pretty handsome too! :)


Laura Horne said...

I love the pictures! Thanks for sharing. Many congrats to Sean too.

Chelsea said...

man they let anyone graduate from that place!It was so good to see you guys and I can't believe how grown up Sean's brothers look now! When Sean is a rich and famous lawyer don't forget about me, my kid needs a rich uncle! ;)