Monday, September 7, 2009

Seeing Friends

One of the best things about going to Utah now is seeing our friends. We have made some great friends while we were there and we miss then TONS here in Eugene.
During this trip we were first able to see our good friends Ryan and Lindsay. They made us a delicious breakfast which, unfortunately, we almost slept through! Sean's cell phone did not switch time zones so the alarm did not go off on time! It was very sad but luckily they called us and woke us up so we were still able to spend some time with our friends before they had to go to work. We scarfed down German pancakes, played with their hamsters and got to show off Bella. Ryan and Lindsay are great. Ryan is from Portland so we know that we will always get to see them at random times during the year. They are also our travel buddies. They met us for a few days in Spain and we had a blast. We have decided that our next trip with them will have to be to South Africa. Here are some pictures of us in Spain that I promised to put up for them months ago...

Waiting at a bus stop in Toledo.


Waiting at the train station.

My favorite picture!
Finally, we also got to see my bestest friend in the whole wide world: Chelsea! Of course when I see Chelsea now I also get to see her wonderful husband, Rhet, and their cutest baby ever, Kyler. Chelsea has been my best friend since freshman year at BYU. We have seen each other through a lot of poptarts and martinelli's and giant cans of beans. I know that even though we are living far away from each other now that we will always stay friends. She has always only been only a phone call away for all my freak outs and cherry questions. In the words of Anne of Green Gables, we are definitely "kindred spirits". I can't imagine my college experience without her. Life would not be the same without a little bit (or a lot) of Chelsea to spice it up. Thanks for all the good memories and for being a great friend!

Showing off our newest additions.

Chelsea is the best tap dancer I know!

Our valentines day dinner by candle light.

Martinelli's and chocolate milk always make the best combination!


ryan&lindsay said...

Admit it, you did not want my pancakes. We forced you to eat them.

ryan&lindsay said...

ok...that was Ryan....werid.

but we love ya'll too! I can't wait till we go to Portland so we can see you again! We'll be there for Thanksgiving so I guess we'll see ya'll then!