Saturday, December 5, 2009

Bella's Graduation

Today was Bella's graduation from Puppy School! She is an official good dog now. She can sit, lay down, come when called, stay and even spin! We are still working on shake a paw but she did not have to know that to graduate. We had such a fun time in Puppy School that we decided to sign her up for Intermediate classes. Here are some of her graduation pictures from today.
This is her graduating class. There was another boy Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in the class (on the far right). We decided they were boy friend and girlfriend. There was also a girl Cavalier mix. Our teacher decided that they were sisters. They were best friends and she will be continuing to Intermediate classes with us. Last, but not least, there was a Silver Great Dane puppy. Believe it or not, this puppy was only 4 months old! It was always so excited to play with the other dogs but they were so afraid of him that they would hide under our chairs during play time at the end of class.
This is Bella looking into the distance as she contemplates all her "good girl" moments thanks to this class and looks forward to many to more even better behaviors to come...

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Chelsea said...

In the intermediate class do they teach them to feed themselves, answer the telephone, and scoop their own poop or do you have to make it to the advanced class for that? ;) She was the cutest in her class...although I have a soft spot in my heart for large dogs, since my Old English Sheep Dog was also bigger than all the other puppies in her class and all the students hid from her as well! Haha, but now she's a good doggy!