Monday, December 7, 2009

Just call me Shepherdess Amy

To kick off the Christmas season our Relief Society put on a play called the Women of Christmas. It went through all the women that may have been involved the night that Christ was born. True, it was mostly all based on speculation but it was still pretty fun to be a part of. There was Mary, Elizabeth, The Shepherd's Wives, The Wisemen's Wives, The Inn Keeper's Wife and Anna the Prophetess. I was a Shepherd's Wife. I probably had the easiest lines of the group but of course I cracked under pressure and missed two whole sentences! Oh well :)
Ok, I was debating telling this story but I will just hope that the chorister does not read my blog and get offended. So the play was kind of short and the Sister who was putting the whole thing on suggested that we sing a few Christmas Carols to start the night off (mind you this just so happened to be the same night that the biggest football game in Oregon was going on and we were all very anxious to get home). So the Chorister gets up and says:
"There are 14 Christmas Songs in the Hymn book. We just sang one for the opening hymn and we will sing another for the closing hymn. That only leaves 12 left so I thought we could sing them all."
We all laughed a little, thinking that she was joking, but then we got singing. Oh did we sing. Rather then saying page numbers for the next hymn she would just say "Ok, now turn the page." I could not believe it! No one could! I could not help laughing. Every time we started a new hymn I would giggle at how crazy it was that we were really going to sing all verses of all 14 carols tonight of all nights and miss the Civil War game! This got everyone else around me going and all the actresses were all giggling in disbelief the whole time. You should also probably know that there were singing parts in the play we were about to perform. It was all fun and games until about 40 minutes strait of singing and only being half way through the Christmas carols. By this time people just plain started getting annoyed and stopped singing all together. The women who had solos actually left until we were done singing because they were starting to loose their voices. I lost my giggling mood and finally some one stood up and said that this would have to be our last one. It was kind of an uncomfortable situation but we were able to preform even with our raspy voices and we all laughed about it afterward (everyone but the chorister that is). Hopefully this story doesn't get me in too much trouble but it was really funny

Because I was all dressed up we decided to take some pictures.This is me - Shepherdess Amy!This is me and my trusty sheep dog.
And this is me and my sheep!


Chelsea said...

HAHAHAH Hilarious! Our chorister at church is like that too, she makes us sing the opening song about 5 times until everyone is singing it just right. At first I thought it was really funny too, but then it did just get straight up annoying. I can't believe that lady wanted to sing every single one. What a nut!

Ashley said...

OH MY GOODNESS!! Well at least she was enjoying the Christmas Spirit. Must not be a football fan.