Saturday, December 12, 2009

On Ice

Last night I experienced my first ice storm ever. I know I am a rugged Canadian and all but freezing rain is crazy! I went over to my one friend's house here in Eugene (thanks Erin for being my friend) and I was very grateful that she lives in the same complex as us because driving would have been impossible! All I had to do was walk up a small hill to get to her house and at one point, as I went sliding back down the five steps I had just taken while trying not to loose my balance, I really thought that even walking up that hill might not be possible. Going down it at the end of the night was kind of fun though so when Sean needed a study break I jumped on the opportunity to get him out of the house and playing on the ice with me. We decided to try our luck with plastic bags sliding down the same little hill. It was actually pretty fun, even if it was slightly gheto. I was all for sitting on the Walmart bags and sliding down even if my bum did get a little cold. Sean on the other hand found it amusing enough just to try to walk up the impossibly slippery road. It sure was a fun little break to get to spend some time together in the middle of Law School Finals. :)

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Chelsea said...

I can't even tell it's a hill, but it sure looks fun anyways!!! Good luck Sean, pass those finals so you can make lots of money so you can come visit me lots!!!