Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Castle Comb

One of the highlights of our trip to Bath was the Mad Max Tour. I know, the name scared me off a bit at first too but as in turned out the company was founded by a girl name Madeline and her dog Max, hence: Mad Max. Instead of spending forever doing a huge blog on our tour I will break it into our stops because each place deserves its own little highlight. The first stop in our little tour van was Castle Comb. This was the cutest village I have ever seen! Apparently a lot of people think so too because there have been a ton of movies filmed here including the original Dr. Doolittle and, our favorite, Stardust! For all those who love Stardust as much as me, this is the city of Wall!

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Chelsea said...

Yay for Stardust - I watched it the other day while doing laundry - LOVE it!