Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Paris Day 2 - Versailles

On our second day in Paris we hoped on a train to the Palace of Versailles. I don't know why but ever since I learned about Versailles I have wanted to visit.
This was the huge line we had to be in just to get tickets.
This is the chapel inside the palace.

This was a beautiful hallway.

Each room was dedicated to a Greek God and had beautiful painting on the roof about that God. This one was my favorite. It was the ascension of Hercules. I want one just like it in our living room some day. That's not too much to ask right?
One of the most beautiful rooms in the palace was the Hall of Mirrors.
This is us in a mirror.

I know, the head phones look a little silly. We love getting audio guides for historical places and museums. They give such good insight and background to things you would normally just walk by. Trust me, audio guides are key.

This is the Queen's room. 18 members of the Royal Family were born in this bed and to prove their legitimacy the Queen had to give birth in front of a audience of officials. For all those getting ready to have a baby, just be glad you are not a Queen of France.

After touring the palace we decided to head our to the court yard to eat lunch. You will all be glad to hear that the delicious home made quiche did not go to waste. Cecilia and Laure packed it up in little containers for us and gave us some yogurt for a delicious picnic. I'm glad we did not miss our completely on the quiche because it was delicious (even cold).
As we ate our lunch we watched the muck cleaners clean out a fountain by hand and felt very sorry for them. I think this would have to be one of the worst jobs ever.
Although the palace was amazing, the 800 hectares of gardens were absolutely breathtaking. With 200 000 trees, 210 000 planted flowers (even thought they were not out this time of year), 50 fountains (that are only turned on on Sundays), 620 water jets and a Grand Canal that at one point held 9 ships including a 32 canon battle ship. I don't think any one can come close to competing with this garden (sorry mom).
As I posed for this picture, I learned that this is where the birds in the area like to take their snails and slugs and worms and other such slimy things for breakfast. Actually, my hand discovered this when I lifted it up and there was a big glob of half eaten snail. Ewwww!
Our favorite corner of the property was the Domaine de Marie-Antoinette. This was my favorite building, the Grand Trianon, mostly because I thought it was so cool that it was pink and girlie.
This is the Petite Trianon, where Marie-Antoinet lived to escape palace life. We decided that Marie-Antoinet knew what she was doing when we saw this beautiful corner that she made into her sanctuary.

This is we welcoming the sun. It was a cold and overcast day until we started to walk around Marie-Antoinet's garde and then all of the sudden the sun came out and it was a beautiful day.
This is the Temple of Love.

This is us in the Temple of Love. Awww, we're in love!

Marie-Antoinet wanted to live on a farm so she built a smal farm village. This was our favorite area. We want one just like it. This is the lighthose on the lake by the village.
The lake was so full of fish that they were coming out of the water every where we looked. It was unbelievable. Some one needs to let some fishermen come in and help them out or give the fish eating birds the memo that "this is the place"! There was one heron but I think the whole situation was a bit overwhelming for him.
At the end of the day we walked back to the palace and into the sunset and lived happily ever after.

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Chelsea said...

Wow those pictures look like something out of a fairy tale! How wonderful! I'm a little disturbed by the temple of love statue...I can't quite figure out what that dude (or was it a lady?) is holding between his legs? A giant sausage? And is someone down sniffing his/her butt? Maybe it's one of those things you have to see in person! And for the Queen of France showing off her birthing goodies, do you think that's where they got the saying I see London I see France I see Amy's underpants? Oh the mysteries of the French...