Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Paris Day 7 - Last Day

On our last day in Paris we had a full day dedicated to seeing things that we had planed to see earlier in the week but ran out of time for. Our first stop was Sainte-Chapelle. This church may not look like much from the outside but from the inside, the small chapel lights up with over 1 000 amazing stained glass windows. It was built in 1248 to house the supposed Crown of Thorns which is now rumored to be housed in Notre-Dame but we never saw it. The line for Sainte-Chapelle was usually so long that we didn't want to waist precious sight seeing time standing in line. When we arrived this morning there was no line and, for some reason, the admission was free! It was awesome! We just walked right in, enjoyed the beautiful chapel and then were off to our next sight.

This is the lower chapel.

This is the upper chapel.

The next stop was the Sacre-Coeur. This Roman-Byzantine basilica is on Paris's highest hill and therefor has great views of the surrounding city. It is packed with tourists and street vendors and other creeps that would probably pickpocket you without thinking twice if given the chance.

The two guys in the corner are examples of the sleaze balls I was talking about. All the way up the stairs up to the basilica there are guys like this who have a piece of string and try to loop it around your hand and then make a friendship bracelet on your wrist and make you pay for it. It didn't happen to us but we walked by many a tourist who had fallen into the trap. As I walked by one of these men who tried to stop me I could also feel him conveniently bump into my purse. Good thing it was all zipped up and that I really don't carry anything of value anyways. After that I was definitely on my guard.

Conveniently for the slime balls in the area, the red light district is only a few blocks away from Sacre-Coeur. I think this street was just made for the shock value. I was embarrassed to see parents walking their children down such a street. I don't think I've ever seen the word sex more in my life. The event on our honey moon where a topless Hawaiian was walking towards us and I freaked out and told Sean not to look and covered his eyes, pails to what we saw on this street.

The only reason we went down such a street was just to get a picture of this building. It's the Moulin Rouge! Not quite as glamorous as in the movie but still, I couldn't leave Paris without getting a picture of it!

Once I had my picture we went back to the G rated side of town to retry our crepe experience. This time mine was well wrapped and did not leak all over my pants and Sean stuck with a plain sugar crepe which he also enjoyed a lot more.
Yes, Chelsea, you are right, tables would of prevented our first crepe disaster but it also would have ruined our homeless look that we are going for while sitting on the curb of busy streets. We pull it off so well, don't you think? Sean says that we'll have to come back to Europe some day when we can actually afford to sit at a table.
Our last night event was going to a football (soccer) game! Poor Cecilia was so excited to take us to a Paris soccer game. She was fighting a cold all week and then all of the sudden her illness took a turn for the worst. She spent the day laying on the couch and throwing up in her puke bucket. Poor girl. We felt so bad. Luckily her younger sister Laure was able to come with us so the ticket did not go to waste but we were still sad for Cecilia. The game was way fun. It was exciting to see everyone singing and cheering the WHOLE game and, of course, Paris won. On a side note, if I ever come down with lung cancer we can all trace it back to this one moment in my life. I do not think I have ever been around so much second hand smoke in my life.

That concludes our Paris trip. Paris was so much fun. I have to admit that as a city I actually liked Paris more then London. However, I am still so glad that we are living in London. The language barrier was a really tough thing for me. Sean, on the other hand, was amazing. His four years of French in high school and then plus his language skills with Spanish really paid off. He was picking up the language very well and could always order food for us and get directions. I would have been lost with out him. He's wonderful :)


Chelsea said...

Haha your crepe on the street picture is priceless! It kind of has that "don't you dare mug me" look. They should hang it beside the Mona Lisa, no? And check out your killer boots! Do you think people know you are American/Canadian or are you fitting right in?

Megan said...

Holy smokes you guys did a ton in Paris! Great pictures...everything looks so pretty and you guys look like you had so much fun! I am a little jealous - I think I might try making crepes for supper tonight :)

The Spicers said...

The cathedrals look beautiful! I always think that it is crazy there are so many people out there that make a living scheming off of tourist! I love your crepe eating in the gutter! I am jealous of your adventures thus far in Europe and hope that someday Jason can take us on some trips like yours! =)