Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A day at Parliament

Today we were lucky enough to attend a meeting of the House of Commons. This was a pretty big deal because today was the day that members of the House of Commons were given the opportunity to question the Prime Minister, Gordon Brown. There is usually a 4 month waiting list to attend one of these meetings but some how we got hooked up with passes. It is strange to think that we were just in the same room as the leader of the country. We even got special seats which were reserved for family members and close friends. We had to go through some pretty tight security and then be escorted in. It was hard core. It is funny how politics here works. At times the room was so loud with people arguing that we had no idea what was being discussed any more. If some one slipped up or stuttered the opposition jumped on the opportunity to make fun of them and laugh. They discussed issues from the Gaza strip to the global economic crisis to the closure of a manufacturing plant in a constituency or how large grocery stores are affecting the local economy. It definitely opened my eyes to how much the leaders countries around the world have to deal with. The little and the big things all come back to the Prime Minister or the President. It is pretty crazy. I am so glad we had this opportunity. It was awesome.
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The Spicers said...

It sounds like it would have been a very interesting sight to see! I can only imagine what the yelling is like!