Monday, February 16, 2009

Sean's hair cut

Today Sean left the apartment with hair looking like this:
And came back with hair looking like this:

He's been playing with the idea of shaving his head for a while but he says he kept chickening out. Today was the day though. He told me that when he sat down and told the stylist that he wanted a number three clipper cut that the man looked at him like he was crazy. He did not speak English very well so he had to bring over another hair stylist just to make sure that that was really the type of hair cut that Sean wanted. He then got out the clipper and shaved off the side and asked Sean one last time if he was sure that was what he wanted. Sean said yes and off the hairs came.

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Chelsea said...

Well gee willy wilikers! I could have gave him that hair cut for free! I always cut Rhet's hair, and we even bought our very own clipper set yesterday. I'm a good barber...until it comes to the ears, I can't ever cut around those things right!