Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hot Dogs and Cops

London night-life is pretty intense. After about 11pm or so the streets are packed with bar-hoppers and disco tech junkies. Even though I don't do that type of stuff, I still love to be out at night and see all of the interesting people. Its also always fun to try and spot the transvestites.

The other night Amy and I were out late at a restaurant with a friend. To get home we had to walk to the bus stop where there were about thirty people loitering around. Behind the crowd, in the shade, we noticed that there was a skinny "eastern European" guy peddling hot dogs. Amy and I were definately tempted by the smell of street sausages mixed with grilled onions sizzling on his little rolly cart. But we decided that we were too poor to indulge.

After about ten minutes - yes, the buses take forever sometimes! We once waited 40 minutes for a stupid bus - we saw a van full of policemen pull up in front of us instead of the bus. As the policemen got out of the van, I was reminded of the television series "Soho Blues." The show is the equivalent of "Cops" in America, but it is only filmed in a certain part of London, Soho, the local red light district- which is exactly where we were unfortunately.

Anyways, the cops started heading in our direction and we immediately felt commotion behind us. The hot dog man was making a break for it! We were both amazed, for a skinny little eastern European dude he was able to haul-bum-bum with that rolly cart of sausages and onions. Unfortunately the police boxed him in and began patting him down. Apparantly he was one those sausage dealers on the police's most wanted list. They took it pretty seriously. There were probably about 10 bobies surrounding this guy.

Before anything got too exciting, our bus arrived and we were forced to leave the scene. I would have taken pictures, I had the camera out, but too many people were in the way.

I don't know if you noticed, but this is me, Sean, who wrote the blog! It was my first. Amy told me that I had to write it. I have to admit, it is sort of fun rambling on about nothing. I could spend hours doing it...


The Spicers said...

Sounds like fun in London! I'm only going to be in Alabama for 6 weeks during ASBC. We'll be in Florida on 27 June. Come and visit!

Laura Horne said...

Welcome to blogging Sean. By the way, every time I check your blog Amos goes crazy for "Dancing Queen." He LOVES it.