Friday, February 6, 2009

Windsor Castle

This is my last catch up blog. I feel like I've been playing catch up on blogging for the last month and this is it. We actually went to Windsor Castle last week but after this post everything should be more recent now. Going to Windsor Castle was probably the most tourist thing we've done on this trip. Not only did it have a long line on a weekday but it was also pretty expensive to get it. I think we decided that the Queen probably makes 1400 pounds an hour by opening up Windsor Castle to the public. The Queen considers Windsor Castle her primary residence making it the largest and oldest occupied castle in the world. When touring the castle grounds you are given a handy little audio guide that gives you a good history of the place. To get there we took the train. This time we mastered the art. We got tickets and were on the train within 15 minutes. We're pretty much professional train riders now.
As we walked up the hill to Windsor Castle this is the view of the castle we had. It seems like there is always work being done on these old buildings (see green scaffolding in the middle), but they are still pretty awesome.

This is us at the entrance of the castle. Unfortunately the man we asked to take our picture got more sidewalk then castle but we still love him for trying.
This is the view of the castle wall from the entrance.
The majority of our time was spent in this building. These are the staterooms. Sean's favorite room was filled with armor, swords, and old guns. The whole place was pretty extravagant. Because it was off season we even got to see the rooms that are still used for meetings today. They were pretty impressive. It made me want to wear a puffy gown and walk around like I was someone important.

This was the original castle build by William the Conqueror in the 11th century. Since then, monarchs have continued to build on and it is now basically a small town with in itself.
We felt so sorry for the guard in this picture. Even though he doesn't move he is still aloud to look around and his eyes were very expressive. Sean apologized as we went up to stand next to him. That must have made his suspicious or something because he eyed Sean up and down after that. Poor guy is in so many people's photo albums. It's gotta get old.
This is St. George's Chapel. It is one of the two chapels on the Castle grounds. It houses 10 royal tombs including King George VI and "Queen Mother" Elizabeth.
This is where you exit the castle.

That's Windsor Castle for you. I hope you enjoyed all our catch up blog posts.

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Chelsea said...

How fun!! That picture with the dude made me laugh, but my favorite is still you on the train a few blogs back. Too bad I'm preggie or I just might jump on a plane and come visit! Oh well,maybe next time!