Monday, February 2, 2009

Snow Day!

We woke up this morning to snow! In London! There was about 6 inches of the wet fluffy stuff all over. Sean started to get ready for his internship, just like any other Monday. I decided to turn on the news to find out how London handels snow. Apparently not very well. All schools and airports were closed and they had even shut down public transportation! For Sean that meant no busses or trains to get to work. We had a real snow day! Sean got to come shopping with me and we took a walk around Hyde Park (along with every one else in the area). It was funny to walk around town bacause half the stores were not open, including my favorite, Orientalcity. Hyde Park was packed. It was like a movie seeing everyone frolick in the snow and have snowball fights and build snowmen and feed the swans. Snow days in London are pretty fun!
Our street.
London's idea of a snow plow.
Hyde Park.
What the?!?!
A cold little birdie.
The swans were extra hungry today.

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Chelsea said...

Wow, those Londoners are real classy people, aren't they?