Monday, January 19, 2009

Camden Town

Our first home away from home was a HolidayInn in Camden Town. Camden ended up being a very hip hop happening place. Sean kept saying that it must have been where the whole punk style was invented. I think we saw every hair color in the rainbow done up in every possible way imaginable as well as lots of piercings, tattoos and very fancy stocking.
This is me in the Camden tube station.

This is camden Lock. Our hotel was right on the lock and just across the bridge was Camden market which apparently is one of London's famous markets; up there with Portobello Road. It ended up taking us a little longer to find a flat so we ended up staying here for a week and a half. We were too afraid to take our camera out in the day with all the shady brightly colored hair charecters around so our only pictures in this area were at night.Align Center

There was a store called Punkyfish. This is not the best picture but it made me laugh every time we went by. There is this big fish sticking out of the building with earing and cains and crazy make up. It was pretty funny.

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The Spicers said...

We are so happy for you both that you finally found a flat to live in! We hope to see more pictures soon! I love your previous blog about your little sleeping pill incident! ha ha ha Sounds like you'd both be silly/fun drunks if you ever happened to get that way! j/k :) Hope things are going well for you!