Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A day of Culture

Trafalgar Square is London's central square. Its the destination of marches, demonstrations and celebrations and it had some pretty cool attractions around it. Here are some pictures we took on our way there from the bus station.

This is the back side of the National Gallery

It is now a library.

Trafalgar Square is centered around a giant monument of Lord Nelson. He was a very famous admiral who defeated but lost his life against the French fleet at the battle of Trafalgar. Monuments and pictures of him seem to pop up every where we go.

This is me trying to give some perspective on how big this thing was. The lion could have eaten me in one bite!

Here are some pictures of what is around Trafalgar Square

Big Ben

Admiralty Arch - marks the beginning of the road that leads to Buckinham Palace

Cool looking buildings

The Canada House
The National Gallery

St. Martin-in-the-Fields church - named "in the fields" because thats where it used to be in this spot.

This was our cultural day. We started by visiting the National Gallery and enjoying the works of famous artists such as Leonardo, Botticelli, Rembrant, Van Gough and Monet. Leonardo was my favorite and Van Gough was Sean's favorite. There was a suggested 3 pound donation for audio guide tours for all the paintings. We said no thank you to the suggested donation and did the audio tour anyways (whahaha). It was great. We probably spent 8 hours in the Gallery. For lunch we went to a cafateria in the Crypt in St.Martin-in-the-field church. It was a little creepy thinking about eating on dead people but the food was reasonably priced and delicious.
After the afternoon back at the National Gallery we had a truely British dinner of bangers and mash and then went back to the Crypt for apple pudding with custard for dessert.
This picture is dedicated to my dad because bangers and mash remind Sean of him so he had to take a picture.

To finish off our lovely day of cultural enlightenment we attended a candle light performance of Baroque favorites at St.Martin's-in-the-field church. And you know what they say... If it's not Baroque, don't fix it. (10 points to whoever can name what movie that is off of :)


The Spicers said...

That is so awesome that you two are taking the opportunity to tour the city and see everything! I am definitely jealous wish we could come visit!

Chelsea said...

10 points for me - it's Beauty and the Beast!!! Bangers and Mash - HAHHAHA whatever that is, it looks absolutely disgusting! And I had to laugh because I know exactly why it reminds Sean of your dad.

Sean and Amy said...

Chelsea... seriously. I'm still trying to forget that day in the locker room.