Monday, January 19, 2009

Getting There

We have finally found a home here in London and that means that now I have some time to update our blog! Have patience with me because we have tons of pictures and updating to do already.
This is me the night/morning we left for London. I am all packed up and this is how the streets of London would first see me.

At least that is what I thought until our connecting flight in Philadelphia was so tight that we literally had to sprint through the airport to make it. We barely got onto the plane but unfortunately our luggage did not. It actually turned out for the best though because our luggage was delivered to our hotel the next evening and we did not have to travel through the tube all packed down.

On our flight we decided to take sleeping pills to help cope with jet lag. We took them just as our dinner was being handed out so that we would eat and fall asleep right away. Of course, just before the food got to us there was turbulence and we had to wait for our meals a bit longer then we had expected. By the time we got it we were loopy. I cannot even remember eating. We were looking at our camera the next day and found pictures. We both had no idea we had even gotten the camera out! I look so out of it and my hair is even dangling in the food. What were we thinking? Needles to say, the sleeping pills definitely worked and we were ready for the day ahead of us in London.

Sean took some great pictures upon our decent into London.

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Ashley said...

That's so exciting!!! LOl I can't wait to hear more.