Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Most Awkward Diner Ever

One night we decided to go to Wagamama Noodle Bar to share a plate of noodles for dinner. The place was packed and after waiting for a table we were told that another couple would be sat with us at a four seat table. It seemed a little strange but we went with it. Being so close we couldn't help but listen in on their conversation. It seemed like it was their first date and that they had met on an online chat board for vegetarians. About half way through the meal the lady says to the man: 'I noticed that you made a comment on the board about not being against killing. Why did you decide to be vegetarian if you are not against killing?' The man went on to explain how there are natives in the North who have to eat others in their tribe to survive in the winter and there is nothing wrong with that. He also went on to talk about killing in general and how there really was nothing wrong with it. The woman tried to argue that if someone were to kill his mom that he would be upset and sad and feel like it was wrong. He basically ignored her and kept going with his argument. The poor vegetarian woman was getting more and more upset and she now had tears streaking down her face as she was trying to hold herself together. We tried to start our own conversation but there was really no point. Suddenly the man turns to us and starts up a conversation with us. He even gave us a coupon for our meal and was very nice (even though he could have killed us at any time and not seen anything wrong with it). By the time we had quickly finished eating his date was still crying and he was now completely ignoring her. I really was surprised that she didn't just leave. So awkward!
Sean took this picture before the awkward date sat net to us.


The Spicers said...

That does sound like a very awkward date! That poor woman! Sounds like all your time in London has been very eventful with things like your dinner and flat searching happening!

Megan said...

Sounds like you are having some real adventures in the UK! Glad you're keeping in touch through your blog - keep it up, so I can keep peeking in on you!