Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hyde Park

Hyde Park is a 600 acre area that is basically like London's Central Park. It was originally King Henry VIII's hunting ground but now it is open to the public. Even though it is winter we were still very excited about how beautiful Hyde park is. We took a bunch of pictures our first time through. When we were on our apartment search we were looking at communities surrounding the park so we got to know the area quite well. We now live about two blocks away and walk through it almost every day.

Sean attracted all the geese for some reason.

These little guys are my favorite. I call them skunk ducks.

A Canadian Goose in London? What is he doing here?

This is Kensington Palace. It is right on the edge of Hyde Park. Princess Diana and Prince Charles used to live here. It now houses lesser royals and a part of it is open to the public. It costs 12 pounds to go inside so we haven't decided if we want to actually go in yet but we have walked around the yard and it is beautiful.

Sean really liked the squirrels so just for him I will post a few but there are tons more if any one wants to see them.

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Laura Horne said...

Spend the 12 pounds, you only live once!

That park is beautiful.