Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Poor, Cold, Hungry and Homeless

Sean described our first week and a bit in London with these four words. London is VERY expensive. In our search for a flat we decided our budget was 200 pounds a week. Most apartments are rented through agencies and when I told them this they would almost laugh at me and tell me that we will probably need to rethink that. The flat search was very discouraging. Not only was our budget tight but no one wanted to rent to us for just three months. If they were willing, they would double the price. We started looking into sharing a flat with other people but that was a little scary. After going to see flat mates with big bongs in their living rooms or a man with child's toys all over but denied he had a child, I began to think that sharing a flat may not be the way to go. We wandered around London for a week looking at flats and meeting very interesting people. It was cold and very tiring walking everywhere. On top of that, to save money we decided the best way to eat would be just to buy one meal and share it. Because of this we were almost always hungry. Here are some pictures of us walking around London.

One day for lunch we bought some salad from a grocery store. To get in from the cold we sat in the corner of a mall to eat it (we could not find chairs). The problem with salad is that you usually need a fork to eat it, which we did not have. To improvise we found some free samples of cheese served with half a toothpick and used those to eat with. How pitiful are we?
Cornish meet pasties are always cheap, warm and delicious.

And look, here comes our bus!

This was inside Marybone tube station. It was probably the nicest tube station we've been to.
I thought that it was funny that there were a bunch of pigeons wandering around inside.

The outside was pretty too.

Look! It's our place!

That would suck...

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