Monday, January 26, 2009

Our first day as sightseers

After finding a place to live we were so excited to start being tourists. We had been walking by the Natural History Museum everyday so we decided to make it our first stop. The museum is housed in a beautiful Victorian building and we were very excited to go check it out. They had a great dinosaur exhibit, that show cased a bunch of dinosaurs from Utah and Alberta. I thought it was kind of ironic that we were seeing them in London. About half way through looking at the museum there was an emergency evacuation of the building. We never found out what the deal was but it was a little scary. Luckily the museums in London are all free so we didn't loose any money and we just crossed the street to the Victoria and Albert Museum to keep enjoying our museum experience.

This wall is part of the Victoria and Albert Museum. It was damaged in WWII and has not been repaired, but instead left as a memorial.

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The Spicers said...

Freakin' sweet! I've decided ya'll are having too much fun and we should switch places for a week. ;)