Friday, January 23, 2009

Home Sweet Home

We finally gave in and ended up paying an agency 90 pounds to help us find a place to live for three months. Once we did that everything started comming together. We found our studio flat in two days of being with the agency. It is in the perfect location. Close to Hyde Park, close to buses that will get us anywhere we want to go, close to main streets with restaurants and shoping yet still tucked away in a quite area. It is VERY small but clean and warm (most of the time). We basically live out of closets. In one closet is our kitchen, in another there is a shower and in another a toilet. What more do you need? Well, we are only here three months and it works.
This is the front of our building. Our flat is in the one closest to the corner.
There is a private garden on the other side of the street. Unfortunately we do not have access to it.
This is the front door to our building.
This is our bedroom, living room, dining room and study all in one!
Turn around and you see our front door and halway. This is no ordinary hallway though...
And now for the tour of the closets. Behind closet number one...
Our kitchen!
Behind closet numbers three and four...
A shower and a toilet!
We also have doors to a small outdoor area that is nice but too cold to use right now, as well as a small TV up in the corner.
And that is about it. I hope you enjoyed this lovely tour of our home. To all those who complain about having a kitchen or a shower that is too small please just remeber these pictures.

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Chelsea said...

HAHA wow, that toilet shot cracked me up!! I guess that's one incentive not to gain weight because you would never fit in there if you were fat! I don't know what pounds equal in US money, so you'll have to give me a briefing on that sometime!